Scott Kalagian

Treasury & Risk Management

Scott is an experienced financial services professional with over 20 years of experience. He has extensive knowledge investment management, process management, regulatory compliance, systems implementation and project management. Scott has a deep understanding of the end-to-end consumer and commercial lending process and the credit and regulatory risks associated with financial services industry.

He has deep experience in providing leadership in various phases of process and systems implementation. Scott’s project experience has included:

  • Co-Leader of a Libor Transition team, creating Libor assessment plans to identify Libor exposure (Consumer/Commercial), as well as assessing the firm’s policy and procedures on transitioning from Libor to an alternative benchmark rate (SOFR). 
  • Developing Digital Labor and Blockchain solutions for the Financial Services industry. Creating a Mortgage industry consortium for future inclusion of origination to securitization groups to use Blockchain distributive ledger technology. 
  • Overseeing activities related to the direction and management of Debt, Derivative, Cash (Repo/UST), and ABS portfolios 
  • Providing Audit support of cyber and IT security protocols. 
  • Assisting NCUA in the U.S. Corporate Credit restructure, NCUA securities lead in the re-securitization program (NCUA notes) totaling $25.0+ billion. 
  • Leading a team of accounting professionals in the review over 2,500 declined loan modifications associated with the OCC Consent Order. These reviews lead to the initial development of consolidated servicing standards, which are being implemented across multiple serving sites. 
  • Leading a team of advisory professional tasked with the remediation of state foreclosure breach letters associated with new state laws as well as outlining a change management initiative to improve foreclosure notifications.
  • Assisted in the response for the various Consent Orders, with a focus in risk assessment. Worked with Mortgage Servicers to assist in the response team for OCC / CFPB / State and consumer/Investor audits.

Scott spent 9 years at PWC and 2 years at BearingPoint in California. He has a BS in Finance and Economics from the College of Business at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas.