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A financial services consulting firm ready to support you with your most difficult challenges

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A financial services consulting firm ready to support you with your most difficult challenges

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A financial services consulting firm ready to support you with your most difficult challenges

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A financial services consulting firm ready to support you with your most difficult challenges

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Broyd Partners LLC is a financial services consulting firm, founded in 2016 by their Principal, Graham Broyd, that provides support to our friends and colleagues in the banking and financial markets industry. All our team are experienced practitioners in the industry. We operate at 2 degrees of separation only, all our consultants and contractors are known to us through personal experience, or well known to another individual on our team. Likewise, we will only engage with clients where we expect that our results will make us their longstanding business friends and colleagues! Through experience, we find this helpful in ensuring mutual expectations, understanding, and benefits.

Our work is focused on Risk Management and Transformational Change at large financial institutions, where we have significant hands-on experience from working at major banks – with all their risk and change issues – from 2005 to 2020. Recent examples of our engagements have brought together the oddest bedfellows – LIBOR Transition, and supporting our client’s expansion into the Digital Asset (crypto) industry.

The challenges our clients face tend to be critically important to their institution – regulatory enforcement and remediation; strategic and large scale change programs; client and business expansion. The matters are serious, our experience and expertise is deep, yet we also like to apply a heavy dose of common sense, and a sprinkling of humor to our work. We find it helps.

Graham is an experienced Banker and senior financial advisor, formerly a Bank CEO, with deep experience in managing Foreign Banking Operations, global Markets activities, regulatory actions, FX, and Fixed Income businesses. We have built a team at Broyd Partners with an extensive network of experienced bankers and market professionals, that can be engaged to support and solve client’ issues.

The team is experienced at working with regulators and with C-Suite managers and leaders all across the financial market’s arena. Broyd Partners has significant experience in helping clients manage trading misconduct, compliance, and control issues. The team has a breadth of background that includes Financial Markets Management, Governance, Leadership, Project Management, Behavior, Trading & Sales, FX, Interest Rates, Securities, E-Commerce, Money Markets, Risk, Regulatory Affairs, and Treasury, including both the support functions and front-line business activities.

Broyd Partners has recently expanded into ‘recruitment.’ Our clients have recognized that we understand their business, know their people, and culture, and have an extensive network across the industry. Our clients said ‘You know us better than anyone, can’t you find us someone? So, we do. We enjoy finding great people for great clients – and know they will fit.

Broyd Partners has specialized in all things LIBOR. Graham was a member of the original Federal Reserve Board’s Alternative Reference Rate Committee, convened back in November 2014 and led the original ARRC LIBOR Transition/Implementation Working Group. The Broyd Partners team includes people with experience in all the key aspects of LIBOR transition. 

We have done over 30 projects in the Digital Asset space – Crypto. Largely providing the financial infrastructure required to support the banking, trading, and payments around the new digital asset industry. Critically, we also help establish the risk and controls required for regulatory compliance. 

Broyd Partners’ purpose is to support the success of our friends and colleagues in the industry. We can advise or guide; program manage; or fill a temporary resource gap. We work with clients to help solve their issues and challenges, by bringing experienced, knowledgeable people who have ‘sat in the client’s seat’. 

We are here to help.

“Sick of large consulting firms charging excessive fees,

come to Broyd Partners and we will charge you even more!”

(In reality, we have almost no overhead, so what we charge, on a like-for-like basis, will be much lower. You will pay only for what you get.)