David Lucas

Markets Regulatory Compliance

David Lucas has over 30 years of experience in financial markets, primarily in the foreign exchange market. David’s consulting work included a leadership position in a multi-year review of the foreign exchange market activities of a major global bank.

David’s work included managing one of the project’s workstreams, working very closely with the team’s data scientists to provide Foreign Exchange (FX) trading subject matter expertise, interpretation for market practices, and context to help vet data-driven findings.

Other projects include a regulatory audit of the Enterprise Risk and Corporate Governance policies, procedures, and controls at a global financial institution and the remediation of the wealth management policies and procedures of a regional bank.

David held management positions in trading, sales, and prime brokerage at major financial institutions including First Chicago (now JP Morgan Chase) and ABN AMRO/LaSalle. In his client-facing activity roles, David interacted with both institutional and corporate customers. While at ABN AMRO/LaSalle, he had responsibility for managing cross-selling opportunities across all financial products (Rates, FX, Credit, and Prime Brokerage) to the bank’s top 25 institutional clients.

David’s recent consulting experience includes:

  • Investigation of Market Conduct and Abuse at a Global Bank
    1. Led a team of subject matter experts investigating conduct and abuse through a review of communication and trade data.
    2. Provided data science team subject matter expertise and oversight in designing pattern recognition of market abuses including front-running, pre-hedging, excessive spreads, order manipulation, and other market abuses.
    3. Presenter and defender of interim and final findings to an audience that included regulators, the bank
    4. Co-author of a final report delivered to regulators, outside counsel, and the bank’s senior representatives
    5. Provided recommendations for improved surveillance and the remediation of findings.
  • Compliance Audit of a Global Financial Institution
    1. Tested controls related to Risk Management and Governance for design and effectiveness for 3 Lines of Defense model
    2. Reviewed and made recommendations for improvements in Risk Management and Governance Policies, Procedures, and Controls.
    3. Reviewed Enterprise and Operational Risk Acceptance and Remediation procedures and controls for design and effectiveness

All David’s consulting work has featured a drive towards consensus within the consulting team and with the client and its various stakeholders.